Sunday, October 21, 2007

The radio interview

Hi All,

Had a great evening interview with Dr. Anonymous tonight...a good conversation that I hope you'll all listen to. It's linked here.

Also, I was contacted by a guy named Nathosh Relhaak, who's a listener of the podcast and just started a blog of his poetry, inspired, he says, by the Dashing MD podcast. There was only one poem up on his site when I last checked, but I liked it a reminded me a lot of my last birthday. I linked his blog on the right, or click here.


D, M.D.


Julie said...

D, MD...I thoroughly enjoyed your time on Dr. A's show last night...i hope to hear more.

My daughter's BF is second year med school down at OU...i'd like for both of them to listen to you.

ZeroRocker262 said...

Hey Dashing,
Love the podcast as always, just wanted to share with you some hopefully helpful criticism: you make us wait months between shows for a new podcast! I think this show would grow alot more if there wasn't as much time between shows(weekly?). I'm sure your dedicated listeners would like to hear your shows more frequently, i know i do! Hope you got my email and to hear from you soon!


Dashing, M.D. said...

Hey Cody,

Yeah...the frequency issue is an issue. I know it, but it's hard...putting the podcast out takes a few hours, and my new research life, while less busy hours-wise, does involve a lot more multi-tasking than before. But I'm going to try to ramp it up, for sure, and hopefully now that I'm a little more settled out here the pace will pick up.

That said, there IS a new episode up! I made it over the weekend, and posted it yesterday when my internet connection finally stopped being broken. I had fun answering your questions...hope you find the answers helpful, and keep the questions coming!

All the best!