Sunday, October 21, 2007

The radio interview

Hi All,

Had a great evening interview with Dr. Anonymous tonight...a good conversation that I hope you'll all listen to. It's linked here.

Also, I was contacted by a guy named Nathosh Relhaak, who's a listener of the podcast and just started a blog of his poetry, inspired, he says, by the Dashing MD podcast. There was only one poem up on his site when I last checked, but I liked it a reminded me a lot of my last birthday. I linked his blog on the right, or click here.


D, M.D.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Subscribing to the Feed

I've not provided a button for easy subscribing in a while, I realized. Consider that problem resolved:


For all of you who are listening to the podcast, I'd love it if you would leave a rating and comments on whatever service you use to get the podcast, be that iTunes, PodCastAlley, Yahoo, Google...whatever. As you know, I keep this anonymous, which means I can't do a lot of self-promotion. So if you like the podcast, please let others know about it. And if you have thoughts about how it could be better, post them, or let me know! Thanks!

Also, I've just realized that this is the anniversary month for the time flies! My next post will be an anniversary issue, I think, so if you have favorite episodes, I'd love to hear what they are (ERDiaries seems to be the most downloaded, along with Episode 8...why is that?)

Episode 21: Rites of Passage

Hi All,

First, some pressing news: I'm going to be on the Doctor Anonymous radio show tomorrow, Sunday the 21st, at 9 PM Eastern. Hope you can join us there...I'm excited about having a chance to interact with the Listenership in real time. The show link is here, and the Doctor Anonymous blog, which is much more prolific than my own, is linked on the right.

Episode 21 tells the story of some recent rites of passage: my completion of the trilogy of board exams (the USMLE Step exams), my trip to the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress in New Orleans, and a walk down memory lane in my first home town. Enjoy!