Monday, October 30, 2006

Episode 5: The ABCs

A story of my first day as the second-year surgery resident in our emergency room, where we coordinate the care of all the trauma patients and act as a regional resource for a farflung network of hospitals. On my first day, a doctor called in with what seemed like a question far outside the realm of my meagre experience. On second thought, it turned out to be pretty easy. The full story, complete with my proving my first-grade teacher wrong by correctly reciting the first five letters of the alphabet before turning 30, can be found here. Or, as always, here's the button to subscribe:

Remember, since this podcast is anonymous, I can't do any shameless self-promotion of my own, except to those of you who have already found the show. So please, whether you love to listen to the podcast, or can't wait to show your friends the kind of crud that finds its way onto the Internet these days, pass the word! Thanks!

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Keep up the great work.
Kiwi MD