Sunday, November 09, 2008

Episode 28: Podcast 2.0

OK, I'm back. Took a while, I know. But hopefully the wait's been worth it.

Here we go again.

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Dr. A said...

Hi DMD - Great to "hear" you back with a new podcast. Just some random thoughts after just listening to your podcast today.

I definitely believe that podcast and blogs have a lifecycle of their own. I didn't know about the pheomenon of "podfading" until someone pointed it out to me. Here's an interesting article about it.

For me, my blog started out like other medical type blogs in talking about patients. Then, I talked about medical news. Now, I have shifted toward podcasting. In addition, have tried out some video posts (kind of silly to still call myself "anonymous")

I'm looking forward to DMD 2.0. Even though our politics are different (I mean this country is split 50/50), I agree that this election cycle got me excited about the idea of being an advocate again. And, that's what it sound like the DMD podcast is going (at least a little bit).

Anyway, sorry for the long comment. Hope you are doing well and looking forward to see the next evolution of the podcast and blog.