Monday, May 28, 2007

Episode 18: Can work be its own reward?

The rewards of medicine are sort of obvious: taking care of other people is one of the great privileges of life, and the fact that we get paid at all to do it sometimes seems like an unexpected, unnecessary pleasure. But the fact is that medicine asks more from us than simple patient care, and making that worthwhile is another question all together. As it is, there's no incentive to do anything more than just get by in medical residency, for matter how hard you work, you spend the same amount of time training, and get the same pay. The impact of this - a complete deviation, after all, from the American Dream - is underappreciated. I try to appreciate it a little bit this week.

The article I mention in the podcast, about how one hospital is trying incentive programs for surgeons, is here.

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Dr. A said...

Just checking in to say hello. Looking forward to your next podcast. Thanks so much for the link!