Monday, February 19, 2007

A note regarding advertising

Hi All,

Just a quick note: Google has pulled the ads from this site because of some overzealous clicking on the part of the loyal listeners. Thanks for your loyalty to the podcast, truly and sincerely, but should ads reappear here, I hope that you'll click on them only if they interest you, and only once. Thanks!

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ZeroRocker262 said...

Hey Dashing, great podcast. I agree with you, hundreds of thousands of dollars shouldn't be spent on some one who has little to no chance of surviving when the money and bedroom could be used for those who really need it and it would just be prolonging their own pain. looking forward to next week and your discouraging "short answer" lol. Sorry about getting your ads taken off your site, just trying to help. hopefully you got the money from all those clicks before they took them off. talk to you later!