Sunday, September 18, 2005

First word from the outside world

I've just received the first comment on this blog. Thanks to the anonymous fellow from Canada who sent it, along with a link to his own site, for anyone interested in Canadian immigration issues.

Because I plan to use this space to talk about some sensitive issues and tell some fairly grisly stories - and because medicine is a heirarchal machine in which I am supposed to be a silent cog - I can't tell anyone I'm doing this. Obviously. So I rely on any and all of you who happen across this site, and tell your friends.

I'd love for this to become a forum for me to answer your questions about what the view is like from inside the American healthcare system. I know there are a lot of questions out there, and a lot of misperceptions. I'll clarify what I can, and tell the stories that seem topical to me, but if you, gentle reader, would like to help direct the conversation, it's most welcomed. Or just drop a note to say hello, you were here.


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